Bakuretsucon 2002 (June 21 - 23, 2002)


Bakuretsucon 2002 was held this past weekend up in Burlington, Vermont and Anime Boston was there! We (Elana and myself) left Massachusetts on Friday evening and arrived in Vermont around 10:00pm. We stayed at the Thatcher Brook Inn, 4 exits down from the convention.  

On Saturday we left around 9:00am and headed to the Sheraton Burlington, which is where Bakuretsucon was being held. Once we arrived at the hotel conference center, we went to check in.


Once there we went to the registration booth and signed in. It was a fairly small convention, but pretty friendly. There were two video rooms, two panel rooms, a video game section, a gaming section, and an area for a dance dance revolution tournament. I forgot to take pictures of all these, I promise to do better next time. ^_^

Fortunately, there were some cosplayers that I did get pictures of, and I have them here. First off was a group dressed as characters from the anime series Excel Saga:

                                          Il-Palazzo                                                              Excel


                                             Hyatt                                                             Menchi


                                 Il-Palazzo and Menchi                                     Excel Saga Group Photo


In addition to the Excel Saga group there were several other cosplayers:

                               Characters from Hellsing                                             Kenshin


                                                      Yuna                                                       Ferrio


We were also lucky enough to snag a picture of Chibi-Moon from The Chibi Project as several of the research scientists were also in attendance at Bakuretsucon.

                                                                                               Sparkling Clean!

And that was pretty much it. We hooked up with PatrickD of Adequate Anime and Anime Boston Vice-Chairman later in the day and held an Anime Boston Room Party on Saturday night, which was full of Excel Saga and Mike's hard lemonade. ^_^

That was pretty much it for Saturday, on Sunday we went back to Bakuretsucon to check out any final events and help Pat pack his stuff. Then we left to return to Massachusetts for the Anime Boston staff meeting scheduled for 4:00pm. We had a good time, and I know that I'll probably be returning next year as well!




2002 by Adam K. Ferraro