Bakuretsucon 2003


After the whirlwind that was Anime Boston, I needed to relax and de-stress. What better way then to go to another anime convention! Luckily, Bakuretsucon was only a couple weeks after Anime Boston, and since I'd had a good time there last year, I decided to go again. ^_^



I left Massachusetts around 1:00pm and began the long drive to Burlington. I'd forgotten how far it actually was. Fortunately I had two new cd's of Stratovarious and Iced Earth to listen to and keep me awake.

I pulled in to the Best Western (which was only a few minutes from the Sheraton where Bakuretsucon was held last year) around 5:00pm and promptly saw the car of my cohort in crime (PatrickD), so I knew I'd be able to hang out immediately upon arrival with friends. Here's a picture of the outside of the Best Western. (Thanks to the research scientists at the Chibi Project and those fine folks at for letting me use their pictures after my tragic erasure of my pictures).


Checking in to the hotel, I realized that the Best Western was really much smaller than the Sheraton from last year. Curious as to how Bakuretsucon was going to manage with a conference center that had only four rooms I headed down to the registration desk. 

The Registration Desk was in a large open area. It also doubled as the artists alley, con ops, and art show area.



That's me (In the black shirt with the blue Anime Boston lanyard) talking to Bakuretsucon Conchair Valerie Tatro (who is holding the green ball thingy).

Just down the hall from the main hub was the the Dealer's Room (Oh Yeah!)..............


And the Gamer's Room (for the gaming fans) ...................


Going up the stairs to the second floor, Bakuretsucon had rented some suites and converted them into Video Rooms..........


And on the level above that was the panel room............................................


And the Video Gaming Room.............................


It was really quite a creative use of the limited space they had available. They also had a main Events room, but when I erased my pictures, that room went bye-bye. :(

After picking up my badge, I wandered around the convention until I came across Pat and Jody hosting Anime Jeopardy. It was quite good actually, marred only by the extremely high quotient of giggling screaming tweenage girls participating. My eardrums hurt. I was also saddened by the lack of knowledge of the classics displayed by the contestants. If it pre-dated Sailor Moon, they didn't know about it. (sigh)

After that I stayed for Jody's Crossplay panel (to provide moral support) and while it was a fairly lightly attended panel, Jody did make some fake boobies using stockings and plastic pellets and I got to juggle an A-cup, B-cup and D-cup all in one hand. :)

After that we just wandered around the convention for a little while before going out to eat at one of the local greasy spoons. I can't remember the name at the moment but it wasn't bad. And they had chocolate cream pie, which was good.

After we returned to the convention we wandered around a bit more, I caught the AMV contest and then wandered some more. At some point (I don't remember when), we ran into some of the Bakuretsucon staffers and we started talking in the family video room.

Let me elaborate on this first. The family video room was probably the most comfiest video room I have ever been in. It was packed with all the reclining chairs and sofas removed from the other suites, and since it was a suite, had a bathroom attached. I love this room!

So as I said, we sort of congregated there and started talking, much to the detriment of the poor person actually trying to watch videos I'm sure. ;)

And did we ever talk. We had a great old time. There was myself, Pat, Jody, Tim, Erica, Valerie, Carrie, Mary, Levan, and a host of other Bakuretsucon staffers and we basically just talked unto the wee hours of the morning. It was a blast and I absolutely enjoyed it.

Finally after talking long enough, even I became tired and had to turn in.


When I rolled out of Bed Saturday morning, it wasn't cause I was ready to wake. Nope no sir. I was awoken by the sound of many a flat footed otaku getting their morning exercise done to Dance Dance Revolution. Unfortunately for me, the Video Game room was on the third floor, almost right under my room and when that DDR tournament kicked off, I felt every move.

Wisely, I  realized that any attempt to get more sleep would end in failure, I staggered up and headed out to face the day. More cosplayers were in evidence than from the day before and overall it looked like there were many more people there overall. here are some more cosplayer pics:


I hooked up with Pat again at the second edition of Anime Jeopardy that he was hosting, thankfully the tweenage girl quotient was lower and some people actually knew their classics!

Did some more walking and hanging around. There wasn't much I wanted to see. I generally go to conventions to hang out with friends and talk. The one thing on the must attend list was the masquerade contest, I wanted to see how it turned out. It was actually quite good. Patrick entered his famous Renamon costume and there was a Moomba from Final Fantasy as well. There was also a horribly overgrown Pikachu that words fail to describe. I had pictures of all of them, but alas, they are all lost.

After the Cosplay I also bid on some items in the auction, and scored the complete set of Battle Angel Alita Graphic Novels for only $45.00!

At some point, we also went back to Pat's room and Jody tried on the Renamon costume.

Only it didn't really fool anyone. People knew right away that it wasn't Pat in the costume because Renamon was now too short.

As the night came to a close it became time to retire to the family room and again co-opt it from a video room to late night lounge. Again we all stayed up way too late talking, but it was really fun.


Sunday came at last and I staggered out of bed. I don't remember if the DDR machines were going at this point, I do know that sometime during the weekend, they were shut down because the thumping Otaku almost scared some elderly gentleman staying at the hotel to death. Yup. he thought the big one had finally come or something. ;)

On Sunday I basically just hung out in ConOps talking with everyone from Bakuretsucon. Valerie in particular. She's cool. They all are. I really like them. People mistook me for a Bakuretsucon staffer and I ended up taking auction payments and making change. :)

I dunno, there must be something about me. :)

Since I was leaving Sunday to begin the long drive back, I couldn't stay that long, so around 2:00pm or so I finally headed out, but not before finding out that Bakuretsucon 2003 had over two hundred people in attendance and had surpassed their 2002 numbers!

 I have some final cosplayer pictures for you


Final Thoughts

I love small conventions. They give you a wonderful chance to actually just relax and hangout with people, that's something that you don't really get the chance to do at a larger convention. And since small conventions are by their nature small, you really get to know a lot of the people there by name. Bakuretsucon really excelled in that and I had a wonderful time. I eagerly look forward to Bakuretsucon 2004!





Copyright 2003 by Adam K. Ferraro